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Team members

Captain:                    Chris Fitzpatrick        Ireland (GM, SM)

Vice-Captain:            Chris Hockley           Wales

Adjutant:                  Richard Jeens           Wales

Main Coach:             Nick Tremlett            England (GM)

Team members:       Gary Alexander         Ireland     

                                  Nigel Ball                  England (GC, SM, SC)

                                  Andy Barnes              England 

                                  Jonny Borland            Scotland

                                  William Broad            England **

                                  Dave Calvert               Ireland (GM, SC, 2CGM, CGS, 3SB)

                                  John Deane                 England 

                                  Dominic de Vere        England**

                                  Rupert Dix                   England 

                                  Henryk Golaszewski    Wales **

                                  Alastair  Haley            Wales  **

                                  Stephen Penrose         England 

                                  Iain Robertson             Scotland (SM)

                                  Jeremy Tuck                 England**

                                  Jon Underwood            England  (GM, GC2, SM2)

                                  Steph Ward                  Wales         


Reserves:                  Jack Alexander          Ireland

                                 Richard Birtwistle      England

                                 Alastair  Brown          England

                                 John Lindsay              England

                                 Mick Silver                 England 

** New Caps

GBRT Canada 2013


I am delighted to have been asked to Captain the GB Rifle Team to Canada in 2013. Chris Hockley will be my Vice-Captain, Richard Jeens Adjutant and Nick Tremlett will lead the Coaching Team.

It will be a short, unaccompanied tour to shoot the DCRA Meeting only. This is so that we did not exclude potential applicants by time away from family or work and it will help in keeping the costs under control. The dates are 12 - 26 Aug 2013.

The team selected is a great mix of stalwarts of the GB Team, others honing their skills and for a number this will be the first time they have represented their Country. Of the 20 half are English balanced by an equal number of Celts. Five ‘New Caps’, 4 Queens Prize Winners, 3 Commonwealth Game Medalists, 2 Queens Medal Winners and the Reigning World Long Range Champion.

Like so many shooters I made my first trip to Canada as an Atheling and that was in 1967.  I was back in 1975 with The GB Team and in 1982 with the Palma Team. I am delighted that we have William Broad in our Team who will be just 20 when we shoot at Connaught. He was Captain of the Atheling Team in 2011 so he has made his progression to the Full GB team very quickly indeed.

I thought that the role of the GB Captain would be totally focused around building a winning Team.  Unfortunately that is not the case, a majority of the time is spent fundraising.  So I would like to thank the Overseas Teams Fund, the ‘V’ Club and those companies and individuals who have supported us.


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